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Making headway with your concussion recovery

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Concussion relief is possible!

How I Can Help

Not all people who get concussions have long term symptoms affecting their quality of life. But for those that do, daily tasks such as reading or special occasions like attending your daughter's dance recital can be overwhelming. Some common symptoms experienced are vertigo, headache, trouble with balance and coordination, and cognitive functions such as attention and memory. As a physical therapist, I use evidence-based medicine and gold standard testing to lessen the frequency and intensity of symptoms, if not eliminate them. You drive the bus! I am simply here to educate, empower, and guide you and your loved ones along the way. 




Dr. Leah Bortnick PT, DPT

Licensed physical therapist in the state of Texas 

Certified CDC HEADS UP pediatric concussion provider
Certified provider in Nasal Release Technique

  • What types of symptoms can be treated at Bortnick Therapy Enterprises, PLLC, after a concussion?
    At Bortnick Therapy Enterprises, PLLC, we treat various post-concussion symptoms, including dizziness, headaches, and balance problems in addition to general musculoskeletal conditions.
  • What is post-concussion syndrome?
    Post-concussion syndrome (PCS) is a complex disorder where concussion symptoms, such as headaches and dizziness, persist for weeks or months after the initial injury, affecting daily activities and quality of life. Your medical team may also use the terms "Prolonged post-concussion symptoms" and "mild traumatic brain injury".
  • How does Dr. Leah Bortnick approach concussion rehabilitation?
    Dr. Bortnick employs a comprehensive, evidence-based approach, utilizing personalized treatment plans that include physical therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, balance training, manual therapy, cardiovascular conditioning, and more.
  • Can physical therapy help with dizziness after a concussion?
    Yes, physical therapy that includes vestibular rehabilitation and balance training, can significantly help reduce dizziness and improve overall stability and coordination after a concussion.
  • What kind of balance training exercises are included in the treatment?
    Balance training may include dynamic exercises such as heel-to-toe walking, standing and walking on stable and unstable surfaces, and changing visual inputs to improve stability, coordination, and confidence.
  • How does cognitive rehabilitation help with concussion recovery?
    Cognitive rehabilitation exercises aim to improve memory, attention, and problem-solving skills, helping patients regain cognitive functions and return to their normal activities. Physical therapists are not the specialists with prolonged memory and attention deficits and therefore do not prioritize cognitive rehabilitation during sessions, but we will work with your speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, or neuropsychologist to incorporate cognitive tasks into a physical therapy plan of care.
  • How long does it typically take to recover from a concussion?
    Recovery time varies depending on the severity of the concussion and the individual patient. Most concussions (60-80%) will resolve after 4 weeks. Dr. Bortnick will provide a tailored treatment plan and timeline based on the patient's specific needs.
  • What should I expect during my first visit to Bortnick Therapy Enterprises, PLLC?
    During the first visit, Dr. Bortnick will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms and medical history, followed by developing a personalized treatment plan to address your specific needs.
  • Can therapy at Bortnick Therapy Enterprises, PLLC, help with cognitive difficulties after a concussion?
    Yes, we use advanced concussion care techniques that target the autonomic nervous system and breathing mechanics which can assist with fogginess, headache and slow thinking. Patients that have persistent memory, problem solving, and attention difficulties would benefit from an additional evaluation from a specialist who treats these impairments directly, such as a speech-language pathologist.
  • What measures should be taken immediately after a concussion?
    There are certain factors that should prompt you to seek immediate care at a local ER (not Urgent Care): age over 65, new neck pain or tenderness, double vision, new or worsening headache, weakness or tingling/burning in arms or legs, seizures, slurred speech, unsteadiness, passing out, repeated vomiting, increasing agitation, restlessness, or confusion. It is crucial to allow the brain to rest by reducing screen time, avoiding strenuous activities, and getting plenty of sleep for 48 hours after injury. Seeking professional medical evaluation and starting a tailored rehabilitation program are also important steps.
  • Why should I choose Bortnick Therapy Enterprises, PLLC, for concussion recovery?
    Dr. Leah Bortnick offers expert, evidence-based, and personalized care for concussion recovery to ensure each patient receives the highest standard of comprehensive treatment.
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